NJPIRG Law & Policy Center Staff

Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim is the Advocate for NJPIRG Law & Policy Center based in Trenton. As advocate, Jennifer works on a variety of issues including consumer safety, public health, and transportation.

Prior to joining NJPIRG she was the Assistant Organizing Director for the CALPIRG Student Chapters based in Los Angeles. She worked with students and organizers across the state to run successful campaigns to reduce student loan debt, build high speed rail, make campuses more sustainable, decrease pollution from cars, make health care more affordable, and register over 20,000 young people to vote.

She started working with CALPIRG as a campus organizer at the University of Southern California. Jennifer has also organized at UCLA and campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District as well as directed canvass offices across the state. During the 2008 election she worked with Progressive Future to register and mobilize voters in Ohio, Nevada, and Colorado.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Michigan in 2005 with a degree in History.

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